9 Unforgettable Moments from South Africa’s Anti-Apartheid Struggle

Moments from South Africa’s Anti-Apartheid Struggle: The anti-Apartheid struggle forms a significant part of South Africa’s history since it signifies the moment when people of color across the Rainbow Nation decided to revolt against policies of racial segregation under the system of Apartheid.

It also reminds the current generation of South Africans of the struggles and cruelties their forefathers had to go through under all-White rule in order to bring forth the many freedoms the country enjoys today.

For the world to clearly appreciate the importance of the anti-Apartheid struggle in South Africa, there are several significant events that must forever remain ingrained in our memories.

Consequently, here are nine unforgettable moments from the South African anti-Apartheid struggle.


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  1. Approval of Freedom Charter (1955)

Approval of Freedom Charter

South Africans celebrate the adoption of Freedom Charter. Photo credit: ZCommunications

In 1955, after eight years of Apartheid, ruling party the African National Congress (ANC) sent out 50,000 delegates in to towns and villages across South Africa to collect “freedom demands” from the people.

The final report was called the “Freedom Charter” and was adopted on June 22, 1955, at the Congress of the People conference held in Kliptown, South Africa. The charter is popular for its demand for and commitment to a non-racial South Africa, which remains the main platform for the ANC.

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