Amber Rose reveals she was a crack dealer before turning to Str!pping to make ends meet as a teen

She’s well known to have been a Str!pper.

But on Tuesday, Amber Rose revealed she also tried to make it as a drug dealer in her native Philadelphia.

The Instagram model and SlvtWalk founder explained on Van Lathan’s The Red Pill podcast: ‘Str!pping wasn’t my first option….. I tried selling crack in my neighborhood.’Amber Rose reveals she bagged up crack for drug dealers

The 35-year-old mother-of-one added that the endeavor didn’t go so well.

‘They said I was gonna get robbed. I was a girl and I was too pretty, and it wasn’t going to happen,’ she said.

So instead of pushing crack, she ended up weighing and ‘bagging up the crack rocks’ for the dealers and making money that way.

Amber has never talked before about being involved in the sale of drugs and explained that she’s been reluctant to do so because of a double standard.

Whereas some big name rappers have gotten a pass for being drug dealers before they became famous, she said, because they’re credited with doing what they had to do just to survive, she says it doesn’t always work that way for someone like her.  

‘It’s been nine years since I’ve been famous and I’ve never shared that story with anybody,’ she said.

Amber, who started Str!pping at 15, found fame after catching the attention of Kanye West in 2008. 

The pair went on to date for two years.

In 2013, she married rapper Wiz Khalifa and gave birth to their son Sebastian, but filed for divorce the following year.

She’s starred in rap videos and on reality TV, and currently rakes in $2 million a year from endorsements via her Instagram feed, she revealed on the podcast.


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