Davido threatens man who scammed him of 5 million

Popular Singer, Davido has sent ‘death threats’ to a man who allegedly scammed him of £10,000 (roughly 5 million naira) and he has placed an “unusual kind” of bounty on his head.

He posted the man’s photo and used slur words on him.

In one of his posts he wrote that men are already on the alleged scammer and he has messed with the wrong person: “Ole Buruku!!! Thief!! All men are on you Ba5tard!! U Fvcked with the wrong one”

He then made another post sending death threats to the man. “This N!gga a fraud..Change your ways before men fall you. Ba5tard!!! 10K pounds a Sh!t to me. Enjoy the money Fvck boiii…Open”

He later posted a video saying: ‘Anyone who finds him should collect the money and keep it’.

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