How Slay Queen Killed Her 6 Months Old Baby As She Went Out To Party.

A six -month-old baby boy was killed by his evil mum after she strapped him into a car seat and left him in a boiling hot attic for three days as she went out to party. Mum-of-two Lovily Johnson, 23, from Michigan, USA, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder after the death of her son Noah.

The toddler was put in the car seat and left for days without any food or water and the air conditioning was left off.

Instead of looking after her young son she went out to party in July 2017 and left him alone for 32 hours over a period of three days.

Police said the temperature in the attic bedroom hit 32C.

Johnson was sentenced to between 20 and 80 years behind bars.

During sentencing Judge Mark Trusock at a Kent County Circuit Court described her actions as “outrageously disturbing”.

Judge Trusock added he hoped she never had the opportunity to have another child.

Johnson’s four-year-old daughter has been taken into care.

The horrific crime came to light when she took Noah’s decomposing body, still in the car seat, to the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids on July 19, 2017.

An autopsy carried out on the little boy, who weighed just 12 pounds when he died, found he was severely dehydrate, malnourished and had severe nappy rash.

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