United States Defeats Thailand 13 – 0 In World Cup Match

The women of the United States of America has yet again broken the records as they beat Thailand with a goal margin of 13 against 0.

This goal difference between two countries has never been actualized before, but United States set the standard for women’s football. it can be concluded that in the history of world cup, Thailand has suffered the greatest defeat ever.

The goal began for the United States at the 12th minutes when Alex Morgan took a header four yards from the goal post and made it into the net. Two more goals were added by Lindsay Horan and Rose Lavelle before the start of the half time.

Thailand seemed a bit out of balance after the first half, as United States scored a goal four minutes into the opening of the half, and adding three more to it, making it three goals in the interval of just four minutes.

Samantha Mewis, their captain, Meghan Rapinoe, Carli Lloyd and Mallory Pugh also joined in the scoring spree as they added to the goals.

Alex Morghan being the woman of the game ended the game scoring 5 goals. It can be concluded that America have set the standard for women’s soccer after this awesome game.

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