BBC duped by a fake report linking Bayern’s Thomas Muller & Arjen Robben to Man United

Credit to the excellent @BeardedGenius for spotting this update on the BBC’s website on Tuesday morning.

The BBC is widely considered to be the gold standard when it comes to reporting football transfer gossip: as a rule of thumb, if the BBC say a transfer is going to happen, it’s likely to be the case

Saying that, the BBC produce a daily gossip column on their website, where they aggregate all the crazy transfer lies doing the rounds in the British media and further afield.

While the BBC’s gossip column is just that – gossip – most readers still expect that the stories sourced on the popular webpage do indeed exist.

That wasn’t the case on Tuesday.

Manchester United fans were alerted by an update by the BBC which claimed, via Bild, that the Red Devils were close to an agreement with Bayern Munich that would see Angel Di Maria move to Germany, while Thomas Muller and Arjen Robben would move in the opposite direction.

Sadly for Man United fans salivating on the details of the proposed deal, this rumour was completely bogus and made-up. The BBC have since removed it from their website.

Some tweets on the BBC’s screw-up are below.

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