Chinese groom nabbed on his wedding day for paying 200 fake guests to attend his wedding

A man in northern China landed in police custody on his wedding day for inviting and paying 200 fake guests from his side as family and friends.
According to local media in Shaanxi province, the family of the wife realized the truth during conversations with people from the groom’s side who said they were ‘just friends’ and not making clear how they knew him.
The groom identified as Mr. Wang was exposed when the ceremony started without any trace of his parents.
In an interview¬†with regional TV station Shaanxi TV, the fake ‘guests’ said they were paid 80 yuan ($12) by the groom for the day to pose as family and friends. While some said they are normally taxi drivers and students, and one man revealed a conversation he had with the groom on social media platform WeChat, negotiating a price for him to be there.
The bride also revealed that had been together for three years, but didn’t notice anything wrong at first as they had completely different circles of friends.
The motives behind the groom’s stunt remain unknown but police are currently investigating.


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