7 ways people unknowingly attract burglars and kidnappers

Your home security starts with you and the need to protect your family and properties should be paramount to every resident. Burglars pose a major threat to lives and properties and they monitor homes to in a bid to break in.

There are certain things residents accidentally do that can attract thieves. Your lifestyle determines your safety to an extent, and losing your properties to hoodlums can be economically devastating as most properties stolen are often pricey.

1. Dark Homes Mysteries lies behind every dark corner and many crimes are usually committed in the dark. A well-illuminated house or neighbour discourages burglars or thieves; installing bright lights is the first step to boosting security around your home. While some people try to economize on electricity to reduce expenses, you should keep in mind that burglars depend on darkness to hide their criminal acts. Install bright motion-detector lights around your home’s perimeter – balcony and porch, to dissuade them from approaching your home.

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