Top 10 Places In Lagos That Are Dominated By Pr0stitutes/Runs Girls

Some places in Lagos are known to be highly dominated by promiscuous and runs girls, and below are these places.

1. Lekki 

Those who are very familiar with this environment will agree with me that it’s  surreptitiously infiltrated by high class runs girls and can be spotted at exotic places such as Quinox, Pennisuela and Oba Elegushi. Most times, they dress half unclad to buy ordinary “Always Ultra” at shoprite and you will begin to wonder if shoprite has become a Str!p club.

2. Ikeja 

Places like Allen Avenue, Oba Akran, Toyin street, and the likes have reportedly been named the headquarters. Many a times, in the evening, you see them dressed like masquerades on heavy make up, short gowns with sky scraper heels and will be hovering from one street to another just to attract the best of interested chairmen that are willing to transact business.

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