Top Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Top Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Software

We live in an age of automation where the world is going digital like no other time in our history. Whole businesses are running on computers with valuable data stored on different types of media. This is usually safe and well backed up. BUT! Not always. There can be disastrous situations where data can be accidentally deleted, formatted to lost for some human error or hardware failure. This can spell disaster on commercial as well as personal level for a home user.

If you happen to confront such a data loss dilemma then need not to panic. EaseUS data recovery wizard is there to get it all right for you. Here is how it goes about recovering your lost data through it top of the line features.

Top Features of EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software

  1. EaseUS data recovery wizard offers data recovery service on Windows and Mac platforms.
  2. The software has the versatility to recover lost data in all forms, included but not limited to deleted files, malfunctioning hard drives and formatted storage media.
  3. Ability to recover wide range of different type media files including graphics files, audio files, video formats, email attachments, compressed files and corrupted / deleted folders.
  4. The software supports recovery data from all kinds of hardware including USB drives, internal hard drive recovery (all types), SATA drives, SD cards, digital cameras, solid state drives, all sorts of memory cards, laptops / PCs, smart phones, tablet PCs and digital music players.
  5. Easy interface allows the affected device to be attached to a desktop computer and laptop for the ease of operation and recovery of files to your desired destination.
  6. Smartly designed installation process guides you seamlessly through the installation process and provides useful suggestions about installation directory etc for accurate and full recovery of data at a later stage.
  7. The software has been designed to deploy extremely user-friendly interface. The ease of use in interface is aimed at providing the best possible options for easy and efficient hard drive recovery by even a novice user.
  8. The software deploys dual scan mode; quick scan and deep scan to allow more freedom to user. Quick scan mode enables a user to quickly identify the lost data files and recover them quickly. Deep scan mode is meant for difficult to recover files buried deep inside the system. Working in tandem, all lost data files can be recovered by this great data recovery wizard.
  9. Extremely powerful data recovery software is equipped with powerful analytical software to provide a very detailed report to the user about the recovered files. The displayed details include file name, file date, file type and file size. It is well within user power to set personal filters for choosing the file he or she wants to recover from the multitude of displayed results. At the end, the whole recovery operation is completed by selecting the file to be recovered and clicking the Recover tab. As simple as that.

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