11 Facts About Online Dating You Never Thought About

Online dating is a complex world of its own. There are many facets about this form of dating that people do not often think about. That is why it is important to learn some new and interesting bits about online dating which we will review here.

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1. Almost Half Of All Adults Use Online Dating

According to new research, 40% of adults use dating apps, both young and old to find some kind of date. While younger people tend to opt towards hookup sites, older adults use sites for Flirt dating while online.

2. People Tend To Fudge Some Facts

Both men and women have a tendency to tell “white lies” about themselves. Men will be more likely to lie about their income while women tend to lie most about their age.

3. Some Groups Have It Harder Than Others

For groups with sparse numbers of people, like those in the LGBT community, it can be hard to find matches. That is why some sites have specifically dedicated themselves to working with these particular groups.

4. Online Dating Is Still Seen As Being Unusual

Even though so many people go online for dating, it is still a prejudice. Many people view online dating as desperate measures that most people should not go through. Still, with thousands of people finding love and marriage on the sites, they have to be doing something right.

5. Most Dates Happen Between Late December And Mid February

Many people get through the holidays and wish that they had a little more in their lives. With Valentine’s Day approaching, men and women alike clamor on the messaging boards to find a date or true love at last!

6. The Average User Spends About 90 Minutes On Their Dating App

Most people tend to think that those searching for love only spend a few moments of their day trying to find a date. However, research suggests that most people spend over an hour looking for love or dating. Yet, they tend to do so in spurts of about ten minutes.

7. About 20 Percent Of Users Need Help With Their Profile

Both men and women alike ask their friends for help when completing their profile. It can be difficult to encapsulate your personality without a little bit of an objective viewpoint. Oftentimes, these little critiques can help people understand themselves slightly better as well.  

8. The First Date Rules For Men And Women Are Different

Men and women tend to have different views on hooking up on their first date. About 60% of men would be willing to go all the way to the bedroom on the first date. However, only 20% of women said the same. Make sure to adjust your expectations for the dates appropriately.

9. Most People Look For Common Dating Interests

The one thing that most people say brings them together with another person is if they have common interests. Are you a person that enjoys sports? Then it is a good idea to find a match that does as well!

10. Couples Tend To Become Serious After Six Months

There is a period of time when everyone starts dating that they are seeing multiple people. You want to have the best options on the table and then select the best fit. After six months, though, it is usually time to settle down with one person or move on entirely.

11. The Time When Couples Struggle Most Is Between Three And Five Months

The three to five months into the relationship and the newness of the dating process has worn out for most people. You start to see the flaws in people more often and you have to make a decision. Is this person worth dating long-term? The fact of the matter is these months are when couples tend to break up before making a real commitment.

Overall, online dating is a very unique and fun form of dating for most people. These are just some of the interesting tidbits about online dating that not everyone knows.


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