Big butt: Helen Paul, Anita Joseph, Dolapo Badmus tackle Naira Marley

During the week, controversial artiste, Naira Marley, set a lot of tongues wagging when he tweeted that a lady having a big butt was better than having a Master’s degree.

In light of this, Sunday Scoop had a chat with some personalities in the entertainment industry to know if they agreed or disagreed with the statement.

Comedienne, Helen Paul, who recently bagged a PhD said, “It depends on the business you are doing and what you are using it (big butt) for. If you work in a beer parlour as a salesgirl, you won’t show your certificate; you’ll show your bum. But if you’re in academics, you’ll need a master’s degree. Also in movies, it depends on the character that you are playing. If you are playing a character of a person about town, you would need it. But if you want to play the character of a professional, you would need your degrees. Basically, it depends on what works for you.”

Also speaking, actress and film producer, Anita Joseph, who is known for showing off her enviable body, said it is the height of stupidity for one to compare or equate a Master’s degree to having big booty. She said, “It doesn’t make sense to compare having a big booty to getting a Master’s degree. On all levels, making such comparison is not wise at all. If you have natural assets, it’s cool but that’s little compared to having a Master’s degree.”

Lending her voice to the discourse, Zone 2 Police Commander, Dolapo Badmus, said, “So, having a big butt part is now better than having educational or vocational qualifications? I still can’t get over this! I’m saying it again, we need to restore sanity to our system and stop tolerating public nuisance. It is mediocrity for anyone to applaud an obviously delinquent and unproductive dead duck (deemed a bad influence) hiding under the guise of making music– obnoxious music for that matter. My advice to younger ones– let no one confuse you. To have a good body is great but to be well educated is more important!”


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