“I have 20million people ready to die for me” – Rapper, CDQ brags over his street credibility

Rapper CDQ has just recorded a massive fanbase of 2million followers on his Instagram page. His fans flooded his timeline on social media with congratulatory messages for the landmark.

When CDQ reacted to the congratulatory messages, he revealed he is not freaked about hitting 2 million followers on social media stating that he is bigger than that on the streets in real life.

According to CDQ, he has received a lot of messages from people talking about his 2million followers on IG but that’s nothing to him because in the real world, he is certain that 20 million people are ready to die for him.

In his words;

“Everyone be sending me congratulatory messages over “MILLION followers on IG but sorry i’m not freaky about that that. Let’s fall out to the real world and you know I’ve got over 20 million people out there ready to die for CDQ anytime any-day. Woss #Masun.”


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