Mother of twins, triplets, welcomes another set of triplets (photos)

A Nigerian lady, Oni Kemi Tbonny, has gone viral on social media after she became a mother of seven children; twins and triplets, in three years! In her narration post on Instagram, she disclosed waited for 8 years to have her first child, and she first welcomed a set of twins even though she lost one. She, however, welcomed a set of triplets 11 months later and then another set of triplets recently. She wrote; PLS JOIN ME AND GLORIFY THIS WONDERFUL GOD OOOO IS ANOTHER SET OF TRIPLET (TWO BOYS AND A GIRL) MY TESTIMONY #### Sometimes God delays our blessings not because he doesn’t love us but because he wants to give us d best.. I am serving a living God… After 8yr of waiting, crying, sowing seeds and above all dashing Doctors my money.. God did it without asking for Money…. 1st set was twins (a boy and a girl) I later lost one. Then follow by my 1st set of triplets under 11 months, as in THREE WONDERFUL CHILDREN ALL MALE . Now another set of triplet ( TWO BOYS AND A GIRL) As in 7 Children within 3 years. (Mama Ejima X3 only me).. and some one will say there is no God. Sweet Jesus I love you very plenty…. Father remember the womb that has not yet taken seed, let them bear fruit. protect all pregnant mothers and grant them safe delivery in jesus name Amen. OH MOTHER OF PERPETUAL HELP!!!!! PRAY FOR US OH LOVING MOTHER.. from lolojef


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