Rapper, Blaqbonez calls out his ‘deadbeat’ father trying to come into his life now that he is famous

Rapper, Blaqbonez has taken to social media to call out his ‘deadbeat’ father for trying to return into his life now that he is famous and making money through his rap music.

He shared a screenshot of the Whatsapp message his dad sent to him with a caption that narrated how his dad absconded to another country when he was born.

Blackbonez claimed that he never saw his Dad till he was a teenager. He wrote;

My dad that ran to another country when i was born, didn’t ever see him till i was a teenager is talking to me about disrespect. when I finished uni and came to lagos i asked for his help, man left me on read. Fast forward 2 years of not talking he sends this. Life

Last Christmas he didn’t feel disrespected that we didn’t talk Christmas/ new year, but now I’m good he popping up talking about disrespect. Smh

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