The Biggest Nigerian Celebrity Fights That Rocked Social Media In 2019 (Photos)

Some heated Nigerian celebrity feuds got many tongues wagging in 2019. These are some of those fights that shoo social media.

The entertainment industry is never short of drama– both on and off screen. One trait that is common with many celebrities is the plus-size ego they usually carry around. Once that ego is stepped on by another person, it escalates into a feud. With just about two months left to the end of 2019, there have already been several conflicts between entertainers. In no particular order, OLAJIDE SAMUEL takes a look at some of the celebrity feuds that made the news

Liz Anjorin and Toyin Abraham

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The rift between Liz Anjorin and Toyin Abraham was indisputably one of the most talked about celebrity feuds of 2019.

Like a scene from a movie, Anjorin took to her Instagram page to accuse Abraham of filing a report against her to Saudi authorities that she (Anjorin) was trafficking cocaine, which led to her being searched at the airport. Anjorin also claimed that Abraham often opened fake social media pages to criticise her colleagues online.

Reacting through her lawyers, Abraham warned Liz to retract her posts and apologise to her or risk being sued. Responding, Anjorin’s lawyers also threatened to counter-sue Abraham.

Anjorin maintained that Toyin had her new baby at a traditional birth attendant’s place, while Abraham released a video showing her in a Lekki-Lagos hospital, in what seemed to be shortly after she was delivered of her son.

Though both actresses have not publicly apologised to each other, it seemed they listened to the advice of the President of the Theatre Arts and Movie Practitioners Association of Nigeria, Bolaji Amusan, aka Mr Latin, who cautioned them to stop the ‘warfare’ on social media.

Speaking in a video broadcast shared on Instagram, Mr Latin had said, “From today, any of you (Toyin or Liz) that posts anything on Instagram, whether positive or negative, the industry will penalise such person. Enough is enough; it’s getting out of hand. Liz Anjorin and Toyin Abraham, this is the last warning– if you post anything, you won’t like what will happen.”

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