Cristiano Ronaldo’s son joins Instagram, already has 979,000 followers

Cristiano Ronaldo’s eldest son, nine-year-old Cristiano Jr, has joined the social media world. The footballer’s son created an Instagram account this week and in just a day he had 800 000 followers. A couple of hours later, the number of followers shot up to a whopping 979 000.

 In just over a day, the nine-year-old lad gained over 979 000 followers
– Cristiano Jr also revealed in his welcoming post that he can speak four different languages
The young footballer only has three posts on his new account. Cristiano Jr’s first Instagram post was a video of himself announcing his arrival on the popular social media platform.
The clip gathered over 3.4 million views in just over a day and social media users were in awe of the nine-year-old’s linguistic skills.
He welcomed people to his Instagram page in four different languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

Ronaldo seemed to support his son joining Instagram and he reacted to Cristiano Jr’s first post with an emoji.

Although his following is quickly nearing one million, Cristiano Jr only followed five accounts, including his dad, Georgina, the Juventus football club, footballer Miguel Paixão and singer María Dolores.

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