Technology is developing fast. We are at the beginning of the 4th industrial revolution. Everyone will have to adapt to new technology or fall behind when opportunities present themselves. In this article we will look at and identify what we believe to be the five major trends in technology which will become mainstream in 2020. 

Personalized and predictive medicine

Healthcare is being transformed in a way not thought possible even just a couple of decades ago. Healthcare is being transformed by technology at a rate unprecedented in the past. Wearable devices such as smart watches will be able to monitor things such as heart rate, blood sugar levels, blood pressure and more. Potential health issue scan be flagged so the individual can take action, long before the health issue becomes more serious in their lives. Personalised treatments will become more commonplace as this tech evolves.

Extended Reality

Extended Reality – XR – is a catch all term which covers several emerging technologies, such as virtual reality devices, artificial intelligence and holographic displays. Driving the virtual reality and holographic displays are the online gaming and betting industries. Currently, gamers can immerse themselves in action games such as World of Warcraft and Pokemon Go. What if betting sites such as casino.netbet.ngcould offer poker and blackjack players a holographic experience of a ‘real live’ casino setting?

Blockchain and Crypto Currency

Crypto currencies will become mainstream in 2020. As the global economy melts and the burden of debt of some of the largest, most affluent nations on the planet, digital currencies such as Bitcoin, XRP and Ethereum will become more significant. All three have real world use cases as actual currencies and stores of value. Governments printing money to inflate debt away will begin to become a thing of the past as we move forward in 2020.

Cryptocurrency is designed to run on a blockchain, a validator system where nodes record every transaction in the chain, without error, and which cannot be erased. Blockchain can be used for transactions, to track supply chain movements, deliver payments in real time to anywhere in the world and act as a guardian against fraud. The world is moving away from cash – it is only a matter of time before we move to digital currencies which will user in the ‘Internet of value’ to the masses.

Autonomous Driving

It may be too soon to see autonomous driving in 2020, but the tech is moving along in leaps and bounds. It is a tech which undoubtedly continues to generate a significant amount of excitement. The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, is on record as stating that he fully expects his company will deliver a completely operational autonomous vehicle by 2020. By this he means fully automated driving braking capacity, automated lane changing and zero driving interaction by a human. Quite how this will work on some of the roads which are not heavily marked and rendered is anyone’s guess.

Some of these ‘predictions’ may not come to pass in 2020, although we am not betting against them. perhaps a revisit and revision may be required on New Years Day 2021 – time will tell.

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