10 Stars Who Are Notoriously Rude To Their Fans

What do you do when you’re star struck? You see your favourite star and run to them hoping for a picture or an autograph. You expect them to be kind and greet you, but not all the stars are the same, some can be very rude. And they have endless demands. Here’s a list of 10 most rude celebrities-

10. Justin Timberlake

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Apologies for the heartbreak. Justin Timberlake wants complete privacy all the time. At the time of premier of “Friends with Benefits” in 2011, Justin threw people out of the elevator just so he can ride in it. Justin also prefers having bubbles in his champagne. He made a mess once because they brought him champagne without bubbles. It doesn’t stop there, he also insists that his hotel room has mirrors above the bed.

9. Paris HiltonImage Credit:

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This one can’t be much of a surprise. Everyone knows Paris acts like a diva. She was supposed to spend a day on the set of the “The Other Guys” and just for that one day, she had a three-page list of demands. Her list demanded the lobsters to be ready in case she got hungry and furthermore, she demanded a bottle of “Grey Goose” vodka. The funniest part is that due to some unknown reasons, her scene was cancelled.

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