Drogba My education does not allow me to respond to El Hadji Diouf Samuel Eto’o.

Drobga wisely responds to Eto’o and Diouf, then praises Mané and Salah

El Hadji Diouf remains categorical: he is more talented than Samuel Eto’o and Didier Drogba. Samuel Eto’o says he was the best African player in his time. Drobga closes the debate and with class: “My education does not allow me to respond”

“He has the right to expression. My education does not allow me to answer, only UEFA is witness to the fact that Africa has great players, and some are among the TOP 20 top scorers in the history of the Champions League. My brothers ETO’O and DIOUF were great players as was RONALDINHO at Barcelona. “

“Everyone has their star, today there is a new generation of footballers. Brothers like MANE and SALAH do wonders in clubs and could do better than former players. I cannot say in the eyes of the world that I will remain the best African scorer in LEAGUE DES CHAMPIONS, the world is evolving and there is still talent in AFRICA. “

“I will tell ETO’O and DIOUF to encourage our young brothers who play in different clubs to enhance African football and continue to represent Africa in the world. Africa wins. “


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  • I love that it is a nice comment he is doing grate no mater how you are , what you have achieved and so on then you will never change whom you are

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