My Hymen Is Too Thick

I am 28 years old and recently started sleeping with my fiance. My hymen is very thick and resistant. It stretches during penetration but refuses to break and allow full entry even up to the point of ejaculation. When I examine myself with a mirror afterwards, I see only a slight dent on my hymen which heals up within the next few days. Please what steps can I take from my own end to make my hymen easier to break? I don’t want this hurdle to interfere with our wedding plans. Thanks.

Grace (by E-mail)

Although it is usually because of anxiety that some women develop the fear of pain during sexual intercourse, it is obvious that your own problem is not that of pain but that of a very thick hymen. If this is the case as you have stated, then, you may not be able to do anything from your end. What you need is the intervention of a Gynaecologist who will offer you a minor surgical procedure where a small slit is made through your hymen with a scalpel in order to make sex more comfortable for you. This kind of service can be assessed in a specialist or teaching hospital nearest to you.

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