England vs Nigeria: Arsenal boss, Arteta reveals preferable country for Saka

Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta, says he would prefer that youngster, Bukayo Saka, plays for England instead of Nigeria at senior level.

Arteta: Academy has done a great job raising Saka - Arseblog News ...

While Saka grew up in England and had represented the country at youth levels, the 18-year-old’s parents are Nigerians.

Recently, the young winger said it would be tough for him to choose between Nigeria and England.

However, speaking to Daily Mail, Saka’s Spanish coach, said, “If I get asked the question then I can give my opinion.”

The Arsenal boss, however, noted that the youngster has not come to him for advice, adding that “for now, I will leave it totally independent with the player and his family as they normally have a big say with their background, their culture and where they are coming from. I don’t want to step in there.”

Arteta insisted that Saka is “Absolutely [he is good enough to play for England] – and he’s very clever to make the right decision, as well.”

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