Media personality and dancer Zodwa Wabantu recently shared her results of an HIV test she took which left a lot of people shocked as one kit said she was positive and the other said she was negative.


Zodwa recently spoke to Daily Sun about why she decided to make the results public.

“I’m always talking about s.e.x and how much I love it. It recently dawned on me that I must not only talk about it, but I should also teach people about safe s.e.x and taking care of their health,” she said.

“There’s nothing taboo about sharing my status and making it public knowledge.


I’m a very open person. If I’m comfortable about something, I speak about it,” she said.

“Although the tests don’t state clearly whether I’m negative or positive, I’m glad people didn’t call me names after seeing the results,” she said.

“There’s a stigma that I’m a loose person. When I saw messages of love and not hate, I realized people are now starting to understand who Zodwa is.”

“I was comfortable. They made me understand what I was about to do. If someone wants to get tested but they feel scared, they can message me on Instagram and I will chat to them,” she said.

When asked if she was positive, Zodwa said people would have to wait for her TV show to find out.